Athens Hotels

Athens Hotels offer a wide variety of choices for travelers in Athens. From 5 star hotels and 4 star boutique hotels to budget hostels and vacation rentals, there are hundreds of accommodation options and multiple pricing options! The best Athens Hotels have been collected by traveltoathens and are presented with insiders’ information, hotel photos and guest reviews.

Athens Hotels

InnAthens Hotel features an elegant accommodation option in the center of Athens.

Famous luxury hotels in Athens, big chain hotels, small individual hotels, design hotels and apartment hotels in Athens are there to pamper demanding travelers. Small accommodation options and vacation rentals offer great value for money accommodation in Athens, while modern hostels are available for budget travelers as well.

The best Athens hotels provide great services to the visitors of the city, luxurious options and high quality culinary options. Classical hotels are located near Syntagma square, while you may find modern hotels in Psiri and near Ermou street. Plaka area features mostly small hotels, while a lot of business hotels are in the area of Megaron and Syngrou avenue.

Greek Hospitality

Blend Hotel is a great choice for central accommodation in Athens with Acropolis view

Most Athens Hotels provide traditional Greek hospitality and friendly service in order to offer you a great hotel experience. Browse traveltoathens pages and find the best hotels suggestions that we have handpicked to help you enjoy your stay to the maximum! Read hotel reviews and find out about real guests’ view in Athens accommodation. Our input will enhance your search for the best hotel in Athens for your own stay, depending on your personal needs.

The city features plenty of new hotels and hundreds of individual vacation rentals. It is a great bouquet of accommodation options to offer you the best value for the best price! Most luxurious hotels offer suites with view of the Acropolis or Lycabettus hill, as well as fancy restaurants in Athens with view and great culinary creations! The biggest hotels offer also extra services, such as spa treatments, gym and pools.

TTA’s selections of Athens hotels

Before you book the hotel of your choice make sure that you will check the hotel location and the hotel reviews online. Also, you should pay attention whether breakfast is included in your hotel rate. The majority of Athens Hotels offers high quality Greek breakfast – don’t miss it! collects the reviews and ratings of its users. If you have experienced a stay in Athens, you may add your review. If you are planning to travel to Athens, explore the top rated Athens hotels and choose the best Athens hotel for you…