Hotels in Athens

Athens Hotels offer a wide variety of choices for travelers in Athens. From 5 star hotels and 4 star boutique hotels to budget hostels and vacation rentals, there are hundreds of accommodation options and multiple pricing options! The best Athens Hotels have been selected by traveltoathens and are presented witin our top hotels in Athens lists.

Top Hotels in Athens*

  • The Dolli at Acropolis – A boutique hôtel-maison with 46 luxurious bedrooms, pied à terre and private apartments, in the center of Athens. Mitropoleos Street, Athens.
  • Academias Hotel, Autograph Collection – A luxurious city hotel, which blends the old and the new, awakening all the senses, while combining bespoke facilities, with impeccable services and unique experiences. Academias Street, Athens.
  • Hotel Grande Bretagne, a Luxury Collection Hotel – A landmark of Athens, this luxurious hotel has been part of the history of modern Greece, featuring a unique location and impressive facilities. Syntagma Square, Athens.
  • One&Only Aesthisis – A brand new hotel in Athens, that tops the meaning of luxury experience. Located in a seaside suburb of the Greek capital. Glyfada, Attica.
  • Athens Ikon – A small aparthotel with only six luxurious apartments that can host up to 6 guests each. An ideal choice for families. Mitropoleos Street, Athens.

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Stay in Athens

Famous luxury hotels in Athens, big chain hotels, small individual hotels, design hotels and apartment hotels in Athens are there to pamper demanding travelers. Small accommodation options and vacation rentals offer great value for money accommodation in Athens, while modern hostels are available for budget travelers as well.

The best Athens hotels provide great services to the visitors of the city, luxurious options and high quality culinary options. Classical hotels are located near Syntagma square, while you may find modern hotels in Psiri and near Ermou street. Plaka area features mostly small hotels, while a lot of business hotels are in the area of Megaron and Syngrou avenue.

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