Thanos and Dimitris lived for years abroad, but wanted to return to Greece and create something of their own and special that did not exist in our country. Thanos and Dimitris, classmates and friends, want to use the Greek products and daily offer in Pure Juice Bar, in Athens, raw food snacks, smoothies and juices from fresh fruits and superfoods.

The Superfoods are a class of natural plant foods with a common feature: their high concentration of nutrients with high rates of absorption by the body. In other words, foods with high nutritional value, very beneficial for children and adults. They contain a high amount compared to other foods: vitamins, minerals, fiber and components have antioxidant properties.

The combination of all these substances, and the ease of consumption means that it is easy to include in our diet something can allow us to feel positive results immediately. These results include the overall regulation of the function of the vital systems and an increase in energy and stamina. In combination with a healthy and balanced diet, superfoods can contribute significantly to improving the physical and mental health, prevent aging, degenerative diseases, maintaining normal weight and a mental balance.

The partners in this effort met during their student years at the Athens College school to active citizenship in school and in sports activities until their graduation in 2002.

Their primary goal is to improve the eating habits of the public, offering foods with high nutritional value and variety of flavors. The best way to achieve this is through the consumption of fruit and vegetables in raw form, so as not to lose part of their vitamins.

The English people, for example, in recent years talking more and more about the advantages that gives the body the «7-a-day», the consumption of 7 fruit or vegetable in a day. Something similar was decided to be brought in Athens too, opening the first juicebar in Athens in Kolonaki, hoping to contribute in a way to balancing the dietary habits of residents, workers, students and tourists in the region Athens.



21 Sina, Kolonaki

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