“Hellenic Cosmos”, the Cultural Centre of the Foundation of the Hellenic World, is an ultra-modern Cultural Centre and Museum that stands out for its innovative programmes. It lies on a former industrial zone on an axis between Athens and Piraeus, where memory of Athens past meets the city’s modern identity, and its architecture characterises Pireos street.

Through the use of state-of-the-art technology the examination of Hellenic history becomes a truly remarkable experience! Audiovisual and interactive media provide a new way for the dissemination of historical information, where the audience participates actively, wonders, intervenes and shapes the way the happenings develop.

“Hellenic Cosmos” continuously evolves. New areas and activities are being developed, so that the Cultural Centre has expanded from the initial 16,000m2 in 1998 to become gradually a cultural park of 60,000m2, which will constitute the meeting place of history, technology and architecture.

1998: “Hellenic Cosmos” is inaugurated with the exhibition on national anniversaries and historical memory, which provided a new dimension in the way we approach the past.

2006: “Tholos” is inaugurated, the new semi-spherical Virtual Reality theatre where FHW’s digital productions are presented.

2008: “Theatron” opens its gates to the public, a multifunctional area that has the ambition of housing contemporary artistic creation and expression.

Having as the main design characteristics multiformity and flexibility, the “Theatron” can host the most demanding productions regarding the arrangement of the area and technological infrastructure. With the use and application of innovative techniques and architectural solutions, the “Theatron” possesses unique capabilities of re-arrangement, so that it can adapt to the demands of every event: plays and concerts, conferences, exhibitions and spectacles with particular stage demands.

Hellenic Cosmos has presented a wide range of activities: interactive exhibitions, exhibitions with modern subject matter, Virtual Reality tours to monuments and sites of our cultural heritage, acclaimed documentaries on Hellenism outside the Greek borders, surfing the Internet, at the Foundation’s web site about Hellenic history, and original educational programmes which are designed and materialized by the Foundation’s Museum Educators Department. In addition, there are hosted artistic and music events, as well as festivals, lectures and seminars.



254 Pireos, Petralona


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09.00 - 13.30


09.00 - 13.30


09.00 - 13.30


09.00 - 20.00


11.00 - 16.00


10.00 - 18.00

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A must go experience 20th September 2016 18:38
Value for Money

The Hellenic World is a unique experience in Athens and Greece in general, especially for children, but for adults as well.

They present in various exhibitions and events in an easy to understand way, many important facts of Greek history and science.

It’s a must go place.