Imagine a place where fairytales live. A place where the child within you can be released and have some fun like once used to. A small coffee – cupcake shop in Petralona, a central neighborhood of Athens, called Alice Cakewitch can light up your imagination yet again!

The place is full with bright and vivid colors, wicked queens, rabbits, clocks, brooms, spells, magic potions, cards and of course Alice from the famous Disney story.

You can relax and have a large, hot, aromatic coffee, watching the street and the passers-by, along with almost any kind of cake that you have in mind. You may find cheesecake, tower cakes, layer cakes, muffins and handmade sauces, donuts, waffles and the list goes on!

Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry are some of the strongest smells that dominate the room and then you see the pastries in a row right behind the glass in the background of the shop. You will catch yourself wants a piece of them all. They look delicious and they are even more than they look! Fresh ingredients and carefully chosen recipes make these absolutely wonderful pastries simply irresistible.

Have a lazy walk around this old and authentic neighborhood of Athens and discover that there are in fact some hidden gems, like Alice Cakewitch, where you can surprisingly taste amazing, homemade, sweets and spend a unique afternoon relaxing and dreaming.



40 -42 Ious, Petralona

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Opening Hours


08.00 - 24.00


08.00 - 24.00


08.00 - 24.00


08.00 - 24.00


08.00 - 24.00


08.00 - 24.00


08.00 - 24.00

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