The entrance in The Gin Joint , the difference in temperature as you walk in from the pavement and the throb of the city, the stools, the way the bar says hello to your elbows as you rest them there, the napkin, the glass, the bartender and his “hello”, the drink, the music that dances slowly round your head.

They all need to click together, to make up a cohesive unit that sings “here I am and here you are, let me serve you a drink”. Because at the heart of it, that’s all there is.

The Gin Joint is just that. It’s a neighborhood bar, a laid back hole in the wall that wants to serve you a drink. Or gin if you’d prefer. We are quite good at gin you see. And we have enough gin labels to fill an ark. Which kind of explains the name, though the ark reference may have confused you.

Pay it no mind. We put gin in glasses. Tall ones, short ones, glasses for show and glasses for a pro. The whole lot. We put gin in cocktails. Classic ones, simple ones and my-word-that’s-nothing-like-I-expected ones. We serve it neat. Because there are few things neater that a serving of gin, sitting alone in a glass.

Frills? Sure, we have some. Spills? We’ve had quite a few. But what we truly are is a bar. Just that. A gin soaked establishment that doesn’t do tiny umbrellas and dry ice. It just lays down a napkin and a serves you a drink. And that’s how all great stories start.

Popular drinks, classic cocktails and the fanciest G&Ts in Athens! Proud owners of one of the largest collections of gin in the galaxy! We’ve tasted it. Now it’s your turn. The new menu. At The Gin Joint.



1 Christou Lada, Syntagma, Athens

Get me there!

Opening Hours


18.00 - 02.00


18.00 - 02.00


18.00 - 02.00


18.00 - 02.00


19.00 - 04.00


19.00 - 04.00


18.00 - 02.00

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