Staying at home in Athens

Staying at home in Athens

Sometimes, being in Athens doesn’t mean traveling and strolling around the city or visiting the attractions. Instead one may need to stay at home in Athens, so here are some suggestions that may make this isolation more fun and easy.

Entertainment at home

The main options for entertainment at home in Athens are more or less global. Streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are available as well as Google Play Movies. Local TV features several channels that broadcast foreign movies and tv shows in the original language, while cable tv platforms such as Nova, Cosmote TV, Vodafone TV, and Wind Vision offer a wider bunch of english-speaking programs.

Board games and creative toys are also a great alternative. Gather with friends or have some single time to enjoy games in your home. You can always order to buy toys online and have them delivered in your home on Moustakas Toys. Reading a book is always the best way to enjoy your time at home. Visit an online book store such as Ianos and Public and order the best Greek or international books.

Be fit at home

If you stay at home in Athens, you will definitely need to exercise in order to stay fit and healthy. The web is full of “practice at home” articles and videos, so it will be quite easy to find the best workout for you. If you need extra fitness equipment you can always order online on Mega Fitness store and have them delivered at home.

Shop at home

While you stay at home for a few days, you always need to refill your refrigerator and your supplies. If going to the grocery store is not an option you can always order online. AB Vasilopoulos is one of the most popular supermarkets in Athens, while Kritikos is a great alternative to order supermarket goods delivered at your home.

If you enjoy shopping for clothes even from your couch, then you can browse the online stores and have your order delivered at home. Some good options for online fashion shopping in Athens are Brand Galaxy, Factory Outlet, and Notos as well as the global ASOS.

Food delivery in Athens

Staying at home in Athens means a lot of eating. If your cooking skills are not great or if you are tired of cooking there are several food delivery apps, such as e-food and deliveras. If you are fancy for pizza delivery in Athens you may choose among Domino’s and Pizza Fan.

If you are planning to stay at home in Athens for a while, there are so many things to do in order to enjoy your time and make the whole experience fun and as bearable as possible.