Restaurants in Athens

Athens is a unique hub of delicious culinary creations featuring a wide range of cuisine species. Restaurants in Athens offer tasteful culinary options. Traditional Greek Cuisine and Modern Greek Restaurants are spread everywhere in the city, but the choice pallete of Athens Restaurants is much more colourful. Fancy restaurants offering gourmet cuisine and high class service.

Trendy restaurants with eccentric design and famous chefs. Hotel restaurants with quality service and traditional tavernas with authentic environment. Ethnic restaurants in Athens introducing cuisines from all over the world in the streets of the Greek capital.Restaurants in Athens In Kolonaki you will find high end restaurants, popular among the high society of Athens.

In Psiri and Monastiraki you will eat in meze restaurants. The suburbs of Athens, such as Petralona, are the best choice for authentic Greek food – in lunch time search for a “mageirio” (restaurant serving cooked food) and for your dinner choose a taverna. Restaurants in Athens are a great way to enjoy your evening.

Luxurious restaurants in hotels offer dining in roof terraces with beautiful view, among which some of the best Acropolis view restaurants. Small ouzo places serve meze for ouzo or tsipouro and are really popular among students. Dinning is one of the most popular ways of evening entertainment for Greeks. Join locals and enjoy a great gastronomic experience in Athens!

Street food in Athens includes mostly souvlaki and gyros restaurants. Pork and chicken meat served in pitta bread usually accompanied with tomato, potatoes, onion and tsatziki sauce. Souvlaki restaurants in Athens  serve a lot of variations of the popular Greek street food. You will find the best souvlaki restaurants in the suburbs of Athens; avoid the touristic ones in Monastiraki.