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A city with a glorious history, the cradle of democracy and modern Western civilization, Athens is a place that tries to redefine its modern identity.

Two decades ago, Athens, the capital of Greece, was a place lost in the smog, traffic chaos and a forest of apartment buildings that sprang to urbanization of 1960. Today Athens is a modern city with a new airport, new metro, new hotels with high quality servoce, gourmet restaurants and vibrant cultural life.Birthplace of Democracy and Western Civilization, the erstwhile Small Blue Lily, Athens is a city of many diverse faces, that visitors adore and locals ..."love to hate"!

Whether you choose Athens for a City Break or for a longer stay, the city will offer you countless options for fun, sightseeing, museum visits and the chance to taste the unique flavors of contemporary Greek cuisine and enjoy the lovely Greek sun.

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Athens is a city worthy to be visited for more than just a one-day stop; a city that combines ancient culture with modern creativity, traditional Greek hospitality with western luxury, sun and sea with urban design... Explore and learn more about the capital city of Greece.

Top 10 in Athens

  1. Acropolis Museum
  2. Acropolis & Parthenon
  3. Archaeological Museum
  4. Walk in Plaka
  5. Hang out in Gazi
  6. Dine in Mikrolimano
  7. See Change of Guards
  8. Open Air Cinemas
  9. Odeon of Herodes
  10. Eat Pita with Gyros

Athens | Greece

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