Travel to Athens

Travel to Athens

Birthplace of Democracy and Western Civilization, the erstwhile Small Blue Lily, Athens is a city of many diverse faces, that visitors adore and locals …”love to hate”!

Whether you choose Athens for a City Break or for a longer stay, the city will offer you countless options for fun, sightseeing, museum visits and the chance to taste the unique flavors of contemporary Greek cuisine and enjoy the lovely Greek sun. The best way to travel Athens is on foot. Leave your car at home, don’t take a taxi, forget about bus and enjoy walking through the narrow streets of Plaka, Psiri and Thisio all the way through Apostolou Pavlou and Dionisiou Aeropayitou street, next to the Acropolis.

In TravetoAthens.Eu you will find all the hotels in Athens. Also, you can find information regarding your trip to Athens and your stay in it. Browse sections and find out more about gastronomy, entertainment, archaeological sites and the life of the locals. If you want to travel Athens to the maximal level you should arrange a long stay in the city of at least 4 nights. Don’t just arrange a city break. Take your time to visit all the major museums, see the sites where history has been written and experience entertainment the Greek way…

Travel Athens to the maximum

Athens is a city worthy to be visited for more than just a one-day stop; a city that combines ancient culture with modern creativity, traditional Greek hospitality with western luxury, sun and sea with urban design… Explore and learn more about the travel Athens options of the capital city of Greece.

Each one of the neighbourhoods of Athens features a different, interesting scenery. Travel Athens smartly and visit the most areas possible. Start from Plaka, the old part of the city, walk under the Acropolis, go to the Syntagma Square and through the National Gardens to Panathinaikon Stadium area