PetralonaPetralona, the Dreams' Quarter

A not-touristic-at-all neighborhood, just one stop away from the city center, Petralona one of the up and coming residential areas of Athens is a great option to witness everyday life of the Athenians. The area is divided by the subway line into two parts.

Petralona was always a district of workers and low-income Athenians. One of the Classic Greek movies, the Dreams' Quarter (Synikia to Oniro) was filmed in this area. Nowadays, Petralona is a place that keeps its old atmosphere but has welcomed people from other parts of the city as well. Among them, many artists and famous actors.

Ano Petralona (over the subway) is the most vibrant and most popular part of the neighborhood, with a lot of Greek restaurants (a nice choice to try real Greek food), a few bars and some cafeterias, spread from Merkouri square to Kidantidon street, through Troon street.

This street leads up to a marvelous stone built, smaller neighborhood that remains untouched by time and if you take the external alley the view to the capital is stunning. Jasmin and basil smell around from the yards in front of the houses and it is very strong the essence that you are walking in an Athenian district in 1960’s.

Ano Petralona due to its proximity to the center and it’s “old Athens” scenery is popular among famous Greek connoisseurs and artists. This is the reason why it is very common that people from the political world or television are hanging around these spots.

The whole area has kept its authenticity and beauty from the previous century, and it is one of the last neighborhoods in Athens that refuses to give their identity up to a more up to date style.

If you follow Dimofontos street you will be to one of the main streets of Thissio area. A totally different place to discover as you are going to see with your own eyes.

Under the subway line, Kato Petralona is a working-class neighborhood, less popular than its upper twin, but worthy to be visited. Walk in the streets of Kato Petralona, see children playing in the courtyard of Agia Ekaterini church, try great souvlaki at Ious square and have a cup of coffee at the cafeterias under the metro station.

An upcoming district that has it all already but still with many to reveal in the future since interesting places are popping up from one day to another with mesmerizing flavors and aromas and excellent services.

Hotels in Petralona

Petralona is a residential area, without a wide selection of hotels. Circle Inn is your only option. However, you will be able to find a lot of vacation rentals in the area. Check and you will find a lot of available apartments in Petralona.

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