Gazi is called an area, with a quite big square in the middle, next to Piraeus avenue, that leads to the national port. Once abandoned and disreputable but nowadays, and for the last 15 years, fully revived. A place to be to have a nice cup of coffee or a strong cocktail, ethnic and traditional food to try or even a theatrical play to watch. It was named Gazi after the gas factory that some decades ago was operating there. Since then every Athenian knows that if they are downtown and would like to have some fun, they should go to Gazi. It started with some little, humble houses and people who worked in the factory and were raising their children. Then in the 21st century, it was decided to be revealed a different aspect of this poor neighborhood that no one knew existed. Modern restaurants and fancy coffee shops, local style tavernas and hip bars and clubs, rooftops and small backyards and of course the trendy lofts that took the place of the stone houses. Every day and particularly on weekends, hundreds and hundreds of people are going to Gazi to spend their evenings and meet with friends and family. In the summertime, in the Technopolis area where the Gas Industry was, are taking place many live concerts and performances. Then the whole area is overwhelming with music, laughter and happy voices. If you are keen on art and culture there is for you one of the affiliates departments of Benaki Museum. Always brings something new concerning an exhibition of an artist or an event or a contemporary presentation. Gazi has every day a new suggestion for entertainment to its enthusiasts and always a renovative idea to introduce to the public. It is the upcoming and trendsetting region of Athens that still finds a way to surprise the locals and impress the guests.

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