Athens, thanks to the production of this bakery and the direct promotion of products across the capital from street vendors, began daily to enjoy To Koulouri tou Psirri (“The Bun of Psiri”), which was and still is, one of the healthier and cheaper Greek snacks. It has remained at the heart of all Greeks, as a traditional Greek product sold by street vendors from dawn.

One of the most traditional Greek snacks, which wakes the sweetest memories of our childhood, is both one of the healthiest sources of carbohydrates, protein and other nutrients and energy. The best product to appreciate the simplicity of taste.

Thessaloniki can be proud of the origin and its name, but for several years the nutritional value and taste of the ban, have conquered the whole country, and those who love it, choose it as snacks frequently throughout the duration of days.

You will now find several variations: multigrain, stuffed without sesame seeds, tahini, wholemeal, double, etc., but the classic bun with sesame is the one that began to be manufactured in Thessaloniki by refugees who came from lost homes.

Although it is still a mystery the designation of origin, the sesame bun identified with Thessaloniki as its story begins in the era of the Byzantine Empire and appeared mainly in Istanbul and Thessaloniki.

In Constantinople, the street vendors trumpeted their merchandise with the name “Bun of Thessaloniki” and much later the same name used and from the vendors of Athens.

Today, in Greece and in Turkey, vendors frequent in places where many people pass, usually in city centers, to sell their buns. They transfer them either in large baskets or on boards and sell them either directly from the boards or from glass, wheeled display cases.

The To Koulouri tou Psiri is a very healthy and affordable snack. You can eat it walking on the street, take it to work and combine it with cheese for a light and energy full meal.

It is prepared from wheat flour, yeast, water, salt and sugar. But the secret flavor of this bun (except baking and dough) is a very good quality sesame. Sesame and its products (tahini, halvah, sesame oil), are food with many calories but with high nutritional value.



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