Jewelry is the encounter of matter and time. Made up of the four elements, earth, water, fire and air, and forged in the dimension of the tangible world through high human intellect and art, jewelry – before it is a decorative element – a magic symbol of excellence and indestructibility.

Is the piece of handcrafted nature, a light piece, that man carries on his or donate to others. So we offer a jewel always moves in a very special way: it is an act of absolute light transmission.

Since the 1950s, in the laboratories of Zolota shows a revived ancient jewelery techniques such as plate – or the art of forging considered the technique of Vulcan – which mainly applies to gold handmade jewelry.

The silversmith places the metal onto a smooth surface and then the “beating” with a small hammer with a rounded tip until it acquired wavy form.

The technique of granulation in which small gold beads are welded onto metal surfaces yielding intricate designs motifs, and the technique of filigree, wherein thin wires of gold or silver are worked in hand and “knitted” together giving the appearance of an elaborate embroidery and giving greater volume in jewelry

In neoclassical Athens 1895, close to the foot of the Acropolis, the Aeolian Street, a 21 year old merchant’s son from Sperchiada Lamia puts the first stone of what will soon become the most historic house jewelery Greece.

Returning from a brilliant apprenticeship in important ateliers of Paris, Efthimios Zolotas gained an experience similar talent and the ambition.

His vision: to create a new Greek house that welcomes and serves prestigious Athenian public offering of masterpieces of European requirements.

The house Zolotas immediately charms high society of Athens, with the eclectic taste, embracing the historic first store Aiolou.

These ancient techniques, combined with the very thin, a thorough search of classic visual “themes”, tested and applied until today, becoming the absolute validity artistic legacy that historically characterizes the House Zolotas.



10 Panepistimiou, Syntagma, Athens

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