Rozalia was born in 1977, in a magnificent neo-classical building at number 58, Valtetsiou Street, then a very busy street. It quickly expanded out into the open air opposite to the building, which until then had been a car park.

The tables were lined up on a bed of gravel, which often found its way into people’s shoes, the first friends made themselves comfortable, and the first political and artistic debates took place.

It was around 1979/1980 that Yannis Tscharouchis passed through Rozalia’s doors, and it stayed one of his favourite haunts until the end of his life. It has since then become the preferred meeting place for many personalities who have frequented it from their youth.

As the years went by, Valtetsiou St transformed into a pedestrian mall, the gravel disappeared, and mulberries, plane trees, palms, eucalypts, hundred-year old olives trees, an arbour and flowers were planted in the courtyard and in the street.

That is why today we can enjoy this magnificent mall, Valtetsiou St, right next to Exharchia Square, and one of Athens’ favourite gardens, the garden at Rozalia.

Rozalia is a taverna like no other. It is a green haven in the heart of Athens, in the neighborhood of Exarchia. It is an oasis of freshness in summer, and a cosy warm corner in winter.

For over 35 years, Rozalia has been a continuing story, written by students, artists, workers, and yourselves. Its owner Achilleas isn’t seeking customers so much as satisfied friends.

For this reason the dishes are baked with the freshest and healthiest ingredients. The meats are of outstanding quality, and the fish is always fresh.

The cuisine combines traditional and contemporary flavours, but above all the dishes are prepared with care, they are tasty and affordable.



54 Valtetsiou, Exarchia


Opening Hours


11.00 - 02.00


11.00 - 02.00


11.00 - 02.00


11.00 - 02.00


11.00 - 02.00


11.00 - 02.00


11.00 - 02.00

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