Cafe restaurant Rosebud in Kolonaki, offers a vegetarian and vegan menu, rich in nutritional value, based on original greek cuisine while it is considered to be one of the best choices for brunch.

Try a wide range of finger food, pasta, salads and special daily dishes, along with delicious desserts as well as the special breakfast or brunch. Rosebud is aslways through a non-stop innovative process in terms of materials, suppliers in order to cover customers’s special culinary needs.

The restaurant has opened on April 2001 aimed triptych coffee – food – wine, under the watchful eye of Orson Welles become synonymous with quality and warm atmosphere and through this way the people approached what Rosebud really is.

With quality, aesthetics and with the love of the clients at 2007 expanded and created a thoroughbred restaurant on the 1st floor-pleasing all the senses.

Decor mixes our personal memories, beautiful colors and materials, cinephile and musical references. There were hosted many musical performances by renowned artists, parties, and events that will remain memorable to all.

At 2012 Rosebud Reloaded / Rosebud Goes Green – “Quality” means also healthy eating, so our restaurant puts festive costume and becomes a vegetarian / vegan, proving healthy and delicious food in a low prices as well.

The restaurant’s team searching every day for the best in the materials and suppliers, in order to give you the best.



42 Skoufa, Kolonaki

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09.00 - 01.30


09.00 - 01.30


09.00 - 01.30


09.00 - 01.30


09.00 - 01.30


09.00 - 01.30


09.00 - 01.30

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