Ama Lachei stin Nefelis

The historic Exarchiatavern Ama Lachei stis Nefelis with a lovely garden, which counts near four decades of presence in Kallidromiou Street, the most beautiful street of Exarchia, regenerates and creates an entire neighborhood. A place where traditional cuisine meets culture in this historic corner of the city center.

Cause and reason of Ama Lachei regeneration, are two girls. Two distinct personalities that were the inspiration for all the magical things that happen in this particular area. Two children who like sprung from the old-time school that existed in place of the tavern, gave a kiss of life in this part.

Nefeli will “open” the door of the Kallidromiou Street and will lead you to the upper area of the neoclassical building. There she will give you generously taste of Greece on the mouth and the soul, through this authentic tavern. It serves you your coffee in a traditional coffee house and will guide you to the past through secret passages in the beautiful garden that once was the schoolyard.

The Violette will welcome you from Methoni Street in the lower part of the building. It will “blow” the air to feel the distant, yet so close France by opening your “home” through the French bistro. Whisper your secrets through a multicultural meeting place and confided you from what material the dreams are made of.



69 Kallidromou, Exarchia

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19.00 - 01.00


13.00 - 01.00


13.00 - 01.00


13.00 - 01.00


13.00 - 01.00


13.00 - 01.00


13.00 - 01.00

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