Located right at the heart of Athens in a 500 sq. m. space, Athlesis is a fully equipped workout centre which offers small group (5 – 10 people) and personal training services.

Our stated intention is to provide you with a well-rounded workout proposal through innovative programs, up-to-the-minute training methods, ultramodern exercise equipment and flexible subscription schemes.

Athlesis was created having in mind all those of you who wish to turn physical exercise into a way of life.

On the ground floor of Athlesis you will find a fully equipped workout space, boasting a collection of state-of-the-art exercise machines and free weights.

Under the watchful eye and tireless guidance of an Athlesis trainer, you can work out on preferential exercise schedules, alongside a limited number of other trainees so that you can be provided with the best possible service.

Aerial Yoga is a new form of exercise involving acrobatic moves on a fabric-hammock. These are moves that strengthen the body, improve suppleness and decompress the spine.

Athlesis Trampoline is a fun way of functional workout that is performed either on a trampoline or on the ground. It helps with balance and neuromuscular coordination improvement while it strengthens the muscles. It detoxes the body while offering benefits to the lymphatic system function at the same time.

Athlesis TRX is a dynamic cyclic training performed with the help of TRX suspension trainers that use as resistance the exerciser’s own body weight. This groundbreaking training method builds up strength, flexibility, balance and mobility while it prevents injuries and can be adjusted to suit the intensity levels appropriate to each exerciser.

If you are looking to tone up your arms, abs, shoulders and legs, this is the program you should sign up for. High-intensity sessions, set to loud background music, quicken the heartbeat and boost energy levels, building up endurance and leading to intense calorie burning.

Outdoor activities, street games and relay races, exercises outdoors with TRX and Kettlebells, are just some aspects of this session, under the guidance of instructor Sotiris Kostarellou.



25 Tsakalof, Kolonaki, Athens

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