Coco-mat Hotel Athens

In the heart of Kolonaki, then, takes shape in the second hotel of Coco-mat in Athens after «Hotel Nafsika» Kifissia, operating since 2012. The delightful pandemonium that prevails in each of the six floors of the building explained by the fact that the known, successful Greek company with big export wants to put into operation the new unit during November.

And if you are wondering what does a company that has international name for its natural mattresses and sleep products to how to make and manage hotels, Mr. George Pertesis finds, on behalf of Coco-mat, the answer pleasantly ‘obvious’ “If a hotel does not provide before all other good sleep …” – and inform me of the tradition established by the company in the field of hotels with more than 70 locations around the world, where the Coco-mat offers expertise, ie high-quality mattresses. The experience accumulated in recent years has led to the next step, which is the creation of Coco-mat Hotels.

The unit in the center of Athens is the latest arrival in the new capital of the company, and, we suspect, the most visible. Here is to be applied every word from the philosophy of the company, who wants to make their hotel clients to feel at home. “Our goal is to make them descend from their room for breakfast with the bathrobe and the slippers,” she says. George Pertesis, even if he knows that a far from negligible number of occupiers of hotels Patriarch Ioakim will be business people. “We know where we turn and we want to get across in the world to trust us a different understanding of the concept” hotel “.” This means open slot (reception) without counter and open kitchen, with customers able to open the fridge and take what they want for breakfast and not only enough to record their supplies (Honesty Bar).




36 Patriarchou Ioakim, Athens

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