The Byzantine imperial church of St. Nicholas Ragava located northeast of the citadel, between the streets and Prytaneiou Epicharmou in Rizokastro (today Anafiotika), near the monument of Lysicrates. Is one of the finest and most loved historical church of Plaka.

According to historical sources, the name Ragava are part of important families in Istanbul and Athens, whose most famous member was the Byzantine Emperor Michael I The Ragava (811-813).

The church was originally built in the 9th century, by Theophylact, son and co-emperor Michael A, with infrastructures ancient temple (an Ionic column capital is in its wall on the northeastern side of the temple and the altar rests on a truncated and inverted capital sophisticated Corinthian type) and once destroyed an unknown reason, it was rebuilt two hundred years later, during the era heyday of Athens.

The church played an important role in medieval Athens. Originally he was private, but eventually became and has remained until now parish.

Experts date the existing building to the 11th century (1040 to 1050) because of stylistic features similar to those of many churches of this period. After the 11th century it suffered significant changes and additions. Is one of the most important Byzantine monuments of the city.



Plaka, Athens

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