The Church of the Assumption Pantanassis in Monastiraki Square is one of the oldest and most unknown temples of Athens. Located near the confluence of Athena street with Ermou Street in Monastiraki Square, in which he gave his name, and indeed throughout the region.

This is because in the post-Byzantine sigillium of 1678, the church is referred to as Grand Monastery. Also in this document refers to the Frankish period was annexed to Monastery of Kaisariani monastery as “androon”.

During the period referred to in sigillium, the monastery functioned as “gynaikeion dive”, ie as a nunnery. From 1690 onwards, however, the church of Pantanassa became parish, as well as parish monastery became Kessariani. From the Revolution onwards, the name Grand Monastery deducted in Mikromonastiro or Monastiraki.

The monastery cells were in the position of today’s square, and the whole area was full of small shops, many of which are still in neighboring Pandrosou Street.

The church is a vaulted basilica type of church characterizes the transitional architecture, as well as the general transitional era, namely the transition from the basilica to the cruciform church and – respectively, with a broad sense – and the transition from Late seniority in Byzantine and medieval world.



Monastiraki, Athens

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