The church of Agios Dimitrios Loubardiaris in the Filopappos hill dates back to the 12th century. and belongs to the type of jaunty aisled basilica. The church is built on the site of the north tower of the partitions gate bearing the name Dipylon favor of Gates.

He was in contact with a small building in the form of the temple, according to the ancient tradition of protecting the gates of a deity. Building Loubardiaris probably related to the last phase of the partitions, in the 12th century. A.D. Inside are preserved frescoes of the inscription dates back to 1732.

The Loubardiaris adjective (Gunners) is connected with the tradition of the church salvation miracle on the eve of the feast of the saint, around 1640 to 1650, when the Turkish commander Acropolis Yusuf kanoniovolise the Propylaea Temple.

The day fell Lightning Propylaea and killed Yusuf and his entire family. The original building, over the centuries, has undergone many changes, and the current form due to the reconstruction phase of post-Byzantine church of Dimitri Pikionis.



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