Ginger Ale borrows its name from the popular drink of the 50s and 60s and takes us mentally in the authentic lounge era. Where; In the heart of Omonia Square.

It is not usual spot classical rank where passers decide bored “let’s sit here.” The «Ginger ale» has an opinion: the floral of wallpaper, the vivid lime surfaces, a picture of Audrey Hepburn here, a poster of Man Ray there, the banana trees in pots and asymmetrical settee to put directly into monternite lounge space.

Here no place ephemeral objects of late design, one and all refer to an innocent era: when the furniture was truly ahead of their time when that music was written with the mouse (hence the earthly soul, jazz, funky and latin music are in line with the broader exoticism), when long before the overwhelming dominance of Coca-Cola drank actors in cinema films drank ginger ale. Actors I said?

Incidentally, apart from you and me, that is people who appreciate the intimacy of a chic, cozy bar, the «Ginger ale» is one of the most vibrant after theater haunts the city. So do not be surprised if in the next table confront the troupe of theatrical performance just watched rewarding the toil of the day with a «mojito ginger ale», cocktail recipe … secret and spicy aftertaste.




74 Themistokleous, Exarchia

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Opening Hours


07.30 - 04.00


07.30 - 04.00


07.30 - 04.00


07.30 - 04.00


07.30 - 04.00


07.30 - 04.00


07.30 - 04.00

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