Christmas in Athens

Christmas in Athens

Have you considered Athens as your alternative Christmas travel destination? If not, check out why you should travel to Athens for Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebration this year.

Western & Local Christmas Customs

Greeks have embraced the typical/global Xmas celebration customs, while they also keep following their own traditional ritual. Around Athens, you will find numerous thematic parks and venues, where Santa Claus, reindeers, and fairies gather under the Christmas tree, as well as northern-inspired drinks and deserts. At the same time, you will taste traditional local Christmas sweets, see the Greek Christmas Boat and will listen to the traditional Christmas Carols all around the streets of Athens.

Better weather

Athens features typical Mediterranean weather and has almost always better weather than most of the central or northern European cities. So, if you want to enjoy your days and nights during your Christmas trip, Athens is a great choice.

The traditional Karavaki, the Greek Christmas Boat, in Syntagma square.
A custom from the Greek islands.

Cheaper Hotels and Flights

Christmas in Athens is not high-season, so you will be able to visit Athens, walk in the streets of Plaka, climb up to the Acropolis and experience authentic Greek hospitality in great hotels at really low rates – compared with the high-season rates of the summer period. Don’t miss the chance to stay in Athens taking advantage of the best hotel rates and you will be able to enjoy more overnights. Airtickets to Athens are really cheaper during the winter period as well. Book your flights for New Year’s Eve in Athens and enjoy the lowest rates for flight tickets to Athens.