Athens Metro

Athens Metro

The Metro system of Athens is one of the best ways to explore the city and reach multiple parts of it. The Athens Metro is a quite economical and effective way to visit Athens and move around the city; from the airport or the port to the center and from your hotel to the top attractions of Athens.

Athens Metro is significantly smaller than the metro systems of other European metropolis cities, but is a very convenient way of transportation, while most of the metro stations are new, clean and decorated with important (new or ancient) artifacts.

Thisio Metro Station

Athens Metro lines

The railway system of Athens consists of 3 lines.

Line 1 (green line): connects the port of Piraeus with the center (Monastiraki & Omonia) and the northern suburbs (Kifisia)

Line 2 (red line): connects the western suburbs (Anthoupoli, Peristeri) with the international train station (Larissa station), the center (Omonia, Syntagma) and the southern suburbs (Elliniko).

Line 3 (blue line): connects the airport of Athens to the center of the city (Syntagma, Monastiraki) and the western suburbs (Aegaleo, Aghia Marina).

Athens Metro Map

Athens Metro Map 2023
  • Line 1: M1
  • Line 2: M2
  • Line 3: M3
  • Suburban Railway: P1, P2

Athens Metro Connections

The Metro of Athens is connected with the following transportation hubs.

  • Airport: Connected with the Suburban Railway, the Suburban Busses of East Attica and of course the International Airport.
  • Piraeus Port: Connected with the International and National Railways and the Vessel Routes to the Aegean Islands.
  • Larissa Station: Connected with the International and National Railways as well as the Suburban Railway.
  • Neratziotissa: Connected with the Suburban Railway.
  • Syntagma: Connected with the Tram and overnight busses to the Airport.
  • Neos Kosmos: Connected with the Tram.

Athens Metro Tickets

Athens transportation system uses one global ticket system. The ATHENA tickets and card are electronic tickets that can be used in the Metro, the Tram, the Busses and the Trolley Busses.

You can either choose a paper-ticket and “charge” it with a single-way ticket (1.40 €) or multiple tickets. Alternatively, you may choose to use a card (personalized with your photo, or not) and add tickets or validity time.

The tickets can be purchased in automated ticket machines in the stations or in ticket office (only a few stations have ticket offices). Please note that you can use the same ticket for multiple means of transport, provided that you use them in the time limit that you have paid.

As soon as you get your ticket, you may touch it to the respective sensor in the gates of each metro station.

Below you can find the most popular Athens Transportation tickets:

  • Single Ticket (90 minutes): 1.20 €
  • Daily Ticket (24 hours): 4.10 €
  • 5-day Ticket (5×24 hours): 8.20 €
  • Airport Ticket (one way to/from the airport): 9.00 €
  • 3-day Tourist Ticket (3×24 hours including one-way airport route): 20.00 €
  • Monthly Card (30×24 hours): 27.00 €

You may find a detailed list of Athens Metro tickets on