Best Athens Hotels

Guest reviews in various travel websites rank the best Athens hotels, in terms of quality, service, design, luxury and various hospitality parameters. We have gathered the top hotels in Athens by each major travel website and suggest the best accommodation properties.

Best Athens Hotels

O&B Athens Boutique Hotel ranks among the best hotels in Athens

According to TripAdvisor guest reviews, the best hotels in Athens are MET34 Athens, Wyndham Athens Residence, NLH Fix, AVA Hotel and Suites, Inn Athens,
AD Athens, Andronis Athens, the Grande Bretagne Hotel, O&B Athens Boutique Hotel and Athens WAS. In its ranking, TripAdvisor includes hotels from other areas as well, but in we have selected to present only the best hotels in Athens center.

According to hotel reviews and guest ratings, the best Athens hotels are Blend Hotel Athens, Elia Ermou, Athens Ikon Hotel, MET34 Athens, Oniro City and NLH Fix. The website includes more establishments with high ranking but in this listing we have chosen to present only the top hotels in Athens, ignoring the vacation rentals in Athens.

TTA’s top5 of Athens best hotels

Sortlisting the best hotels in Athens is not something simple and there may be huge objections for our list. What makes a hotel better than the others? Is it the level of luxury, the services, the staff, the location, the value for money ratio, the guest reviews? The TraveltoAthens list of Athens best hotels is based completely to our team’s subjective opinions.

According to guest reviews the best hotels in Athens are MET34 Athens Hotel, AthensWas Hotel, AVA Hotel and Suites, Alice Inn Athens, New Hotel, O&B Athens Boutique Hotel, the Grande Bretagne Hotel, King George Hotel, Athens Gate Hotel, Centrotel and Inn Athens Hotel. Once more we have included only the best hotels in Athens and omitted vacation rentals and hotels that are not located in central Athens. Among the new entries of best hotels in Athens (2019) one may check Athens Ikon and Blend Hotel.

The ranking of hotels changes almost in daily basis, but the best hotels in Athens keep their high ranking for years. We do our best to update this list often and for sure every hotel in this list will offer you a great hotel experience in Athens!