Monastiraki means the small Monastery and it took its name from the old Monastery of Panayia Pantanassa located in its square. It’s one of the main squares of Athens and one of the most vibrant spots of Athens. The area is one of the most popular hang out area of the Athenians and it gathers every evening crowds of locals and visitors.

Monastiraki is well known in Greece for its flea market Pazari (Bazaar) that takes place mainly in Sundays. The Pazari is also known with its Turkish name Yusurum. Nowadays you will also find a lot of stores in Ifestou street, where the main stores of the flea market is located while there are also famous brand stores and local designers and artists.

In Pandrosou street you will find a lot of stores with a great variety of souvenirs to bring back home as well as the well known Monastiraki flea market stores, featuring from leather clothes to antiques and from rare LPs to Orthodox Icons. In Avysinias square are located the main antique stores of Athens. Pay visit in Avysinias square and you may find hidden treasures.

In Monastiraki, in Adrianou street, next to the Ancient Agora of Athens, you will also find a lot o ouzo-tavernas and cafés, where you can have a glass of ouzo or a cup of coffee or you may enjoy your dinner in one of the restaurants with roof terrace and view of the Acropolis.

Monastiraki hotels offer various accommodation options including modern design hotels in Athens as well as small hotels offering traditional accommodation and the authentic hospitality of Greece. Some of them feature great top floor bars with views which are really popular among Athenians.

Monastiraki Travel Info

Where to stay: MET34 Athens Hotel (€€€), A for Athens (€€), 360 Degrees (€€)
Where to eat: Kuzina (€€€), Cafe Avysinia (€€)
Transportation: Monastiraki Metro Station (Lines 1 & 3)